Discover the art of thoughtful gifting with our exclusive gifting program.

For those seeking an extra touch of personalization, our gifting program goes above and beyond. Select the design, color, and even have initials or a special message delicately engraved on the hanger, creating a truly bespoke gift that reflects the recipient’s individuality.With our meticulous craftsmanship, sustainable practices, and dedication to customer satisfaction, you can trust that your gift will leave a lasting impression and be cherished for years to come.

Whether it’s a birthday, housewarming, anniversary, or any special milestone, our gifting program offers a unique way to celebrate and make a lasting impression.

It’s the perfect way to show how much you care and make them feel truly special.


Make Your Own Hanger

Procedure for Ordering Personalized Wooden Hangers with Engraved Logo

By following this procedure, customers can easily and efficiently order personalized wooden hangers with your engraved logo, ensuring a seamless experience from design selection to delivery. Our customer service team is always available to assist and guide customers through the process, addressing any questions or concerns they may have along the way.

Initial Inquiry

a. You can reach out to us via email or phone to express your interest in ordering personalized wooden hangers with an engraved logo.

b. Our customer service representative will respond promptly and provide the necessary information and pricing details.

Design Selection

a. First choose the color of the wooden hangers from the available options provided by JustHanger. Common choices include natural wood tones, dark mahogany, walnut, or painted finishes. But there are also all other colors available. Please choose one from selection or sned us your wishes.

b. Select the design style you prefer for each type of hanger (shirt, skirt, trousers, blouses, coats) from the options available. You can choose from various shapes and sizes that cater to specific garment needs.

c. If you have any specific design requirements or customizations in mind, you can communicate them to our customer service representative at this stage.

Logo Submission

a. Please provide us your company logo or personal logo in a high-resolution digital format (such as vector files or high-quality images) to ensure a clear and precise engraving outcome.

b. Our company will review the logo and confirm its suitability for engraving purposes. If there are any concerns or adjustments required, we will communicate with you for resolution.

Logo Placement and Engraving Color

a. You will then indicate your preferred location on the hanger where you want your logo to be engraved. This can include options such as the top center, shoulder area, or bottom area of the hanger.

b. You will choose the color for the engraving from the available options provided by our company. Common choices include black, white, gold, silver, or custom colors.

Order Confirmation and Payment

a. Once all the details are finalized, our customer service representative will provide a summary of the order, including the chosen hanger color, design styles, logo placement, engraving color, and the total cost.

b. You will review the order details, confirm their accuracy, and provide any necessary corrections.
c. Payment instructions will be provided to complete the order process. Accepted payment methods will be communicated by our customer service representative.

Production and Delivery

a. Upon receiving payment, our production team will begin manufacturing the personalized wooden hangers according to the specifications provided by the customer.

b. The engraving process will be carefully executed to ensure precision and quality.

c. Once the hangers are ready, they will be packaged securely and prepared for shipment or pickup, based on your preference.

d. You will be informed about the estimated delivery or pickup date, along with any tracking details if applicable.

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