Introducing our exquisite handcrafted wooden hanger, where functionality meets personalised style.

Made with utmost care and attention to detail, this hanger is designed to elevate your closet organisation and reflect your unique taste.

To achieve its sleek and polished appearance, each hanger undergoes a meticulous production process. It starts with responsibly sourced beech wood logs, which are carefully cut and dried to the desired dimensions. Our skilled artisans then bring the wood to life, meticulously sanding it by hand to achieve a smooth and refined finish.

For the final touch, our hangers are coated with an eco varnish, which can be further customized according to your preferences. Whether you prefer a natural wood look, a dyed or stained finish, or a specific color, we strive to accommodate your unique style.

Don’t let your clothes slip away!

Choose from our selection of non-slip wooden hangers in various styles, color, and designs.


Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your closet

The advantages of wooden hangers lie in their ability to provide superior clothing care, aesthetic appeal, and long-lasting durability, making them a worthwhile investment for maintaining a well-organized and visually appealing wardrobe.

Enhanced Clothing Care

Wooden hangers are known for their ability to provide proper support and shape to your clothes. Unlike flimsy plastic or wire hangers, wooden hangers have a solid structure that helps prevent wrinkles, creases, and sagging in your garments. The wide shoulder span of wooden hangers also helps maintain the natural shape of your clothing, particularly suits, jackets, and coats, preserving their appearance and extending their lifespan.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Wooden hangers add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your wardrobe. They have a classic and timeless appeal that can elevate the overall aesthetic of your closet. Whether you have a modern or traditional interior design, wooden hangers blend seamlessly with different decor styles. Their warm and natural tones bring a sense of warmth and beauty to your clothing display, making your wardrobe feel more luxurious and well-organized.

Durability and Longevity

One of the significant advantages of wooden hangers is their durability. They are typically made from sturdy hardwood materials such as cedar, beech, or maple, which can withstand regular use without bending or breaking. Wooden hangers are built to last, allowing you to enjoy their benefits for years to come. With proper care, they can maintain their structural integrity and continue to support your clothing collection effectively, even heavy items like winter coats or suits.

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Handmade, Eco-Friendly Wooden Hangers Revolutionizing Closet Organization

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Where Style Meets Responsibility: Our Handmade Eco-Friendly Wooden Hangers


How to choose your perfect wooden hanger

To optimize space in your wardrobe, consider using cascading or multi-tiered hangers for items like skirts, trousers, or pants. These hangers allow you to hang multiple garments vertically, saving valuable closet space. Additionally, using uniform hangers throughout your wardrobe creates a cohesive and visually appealing look.

Skirt Hangers

When selecting hangers for skirts, look for those with a contoured shape that mimics the natural
silhouette of the garment. Opt for hangers with adjustable clips or clamps to securely hold the skirts in
place without causing any damage. Consider slim-profile skirt hangers to maximize space in your

Trouser Hangers

Choose trouser hangers with a sturdy construction and a non-slip grip to keep your pants in place. Look for hangers with a smooth finish to prevent creases or marks on the fabric. Consider hangers with adjustable width or cushioned clips to accommodate different trouser sizes.

Shirt Hangers

For shirts, select hangers with a wide shoulder design to maintain the garment’s shape and prevent shoulder bumps. Look for hangers with a non-slip feature to keep shirts in place. Consider slim-profile shirt hangers to optimize space and create a neat and organized wardrobe.

Blouse Hangers

When choosing hangers for blouses, consider those with an anti-slip shoulder part to prevent slippage and maintain the garment’s form. Look for hangers with additional hooks or clips to attach accessories and create stylish ensembles. Opt for handcrafted blouse hangers to add a touch of elegance to your

Pant Hangers

When picking hangers for pants, prioritize those with a grip mechanism to prevent slipping and minimize creases. Look for hangers with a smooth finish to protect the fabric. Consider slim-profile pant hangers or multi-tiered hangers to save space and maximize your closet’s storage capacity.

Jacket Hangers

Choose jacket hangers with a wide shoulder design and non-slip features to support the weight of the garment and keep it securely in place. Look for hangers made from premium materials to ensure durability. Consider wooden jacket hangers with a polished finish to add sophistication to your wardrobe display.

It’s time to make your own

Choose your style and create your own wooden hanger. Create your brand with our pesonalized wooden hangers.

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