Wood VS Plastic?

What do you think, is it more environmentally conscious to buy a wooden or plastic product? We don’t have a dilemma, but we realized that sometimes a dilemma can still exist. So why YES Wood and NOT Plastic? First, when someone has an ecological certificate in the wood industry (as we do), for every tree cut down, they plant 3 new ones. So that someone (US too) reforests and thus helps the environment to be healthier and cleaner. For us, a tree is a LIVING being, cut down to get another form. We love nature very much and spend all our free time in it. Deforestation for us would be contrary to the values we live by.

In the past, houses were made entirely of natural materials. It has been proven that new synthetic materials cause allergies, encourage their development and are not good when they are in bedrooms, especially children’s. Plastic particles remain on the wardrobe and human skin – which is the largest organ of aluminum and plastic filings – has consequences. That’s why many choose wooden hangers, wooden tables, beds and houses, because that way they live more in harmony with nature.

So when we create wooden hangers from logs, for every log we cut down we plant 3 new trees and with minimal waste, we magically create hangers, which make the home and facilities where you live and work healthier for you.

And another argument in favor of a wooden hanger – by buying a wooden hanger, it is a better investment, because wood is eternal, it does not break like plastic, and thus you are sure that the investment is more profitable.

We wish you healthy ecological decisions and investments!